L'Eglise catholique et les juifs : Du mépris à l'estime Tome 1 - Therese Hebbelinck - 2018 - cover

Floresta Escura - Nicole Krauss - 2017 - cover 

Top 10 Israel and Petra (by DK Travel) - 2017            


Paris in fifty design Icons - 2017 – 2 photographs                         



Madagascar highlights - 2012


El Pais - 3/6/2018

¿Por qué romper el silencio? (Men praying at the wailing wall)

Newsweek - 3/2018

THE FALL OF KING BIBI? (cityscape of Jerusalem)

Fly smart Blue (Aegean) - January - February 2017

Insider / Tel Aviv        


Baku Magazine - Issue 17 - 5/11/2015


Knack Weekend – 6/2014 - Cover (Museum aan de stroom)

Fotoblur - Issue 6 - summer 2010



Time - 21/3/2019

The Meaning Behind 5 of the Most Popular Purim Traditions (Purim party om Kikar Hamedina, Tel Aviv)

Bellevue NZZ - 20/3/2019

Auf den Spuren des Bauhaus: Architektonische Stadtführung durch Tel Aviv (Dizengoff square)

Business insider - 20/3/2019

Here's how much a beer will cost you in 10 of the world's most expensive cities (beer bottles and cans)

Vogue MX - 15/3/2019

Te sorprenderá saber cuál es el país más saludable del mundo y por qué (Caixa forum Madrid)

France musique - 12/3/2019

Philharmonie des enfants, cinq cheffes invitées : la Philharmonie présente sa saison 2019-2020 (La Philharmonie de Paris)

France musique - 7/3/2019

Le festival Arabofolies interroge la place des femmes artistes dans le monde arabe (Institut du mode Arabe)

Business insider - 6/3/2019

Meet Bernard Arnault, the French billionaire who just became richer than Warren Buffett and controls luxury-goods empire LVMH (Fondation Louis Vuitton) - 5/3/2019

米朝決裂が中東に飛び火し「第3次世界大戦」を招く可能性 (cityscape of Tel Aviv) - 2/3/2019

Israel é Israel é Israel (e também o seu contrário) (Bauhaus building & shuk hapishpeshim)

ThoughtCo - 25/2/2019

Simchat Torah Meaning and Traditions (simchat torah festivity on Kikar Rabin, Tel Aviv)

Elle - 23/2/2019


Bloomberg Tax - 19/2/2019

U.S. Companies Plead for Lower Corporate Rate in Belgium (Belgian flag)

Zik - 18/2/2019

Дешевше, ніж турецькі: В Україні розпочався сезон збору тепличних огірків Читайте більше тут (cucucumbers)

National Geographics - 14/2/2019

Świat na patelni: Figi, czyli wielkie zjednoczenie (figues)

Daily Mail - 8/2/2019

A Jenga-like apartment complex and a 'pixelated' skyscraper: The buildings that look like they are straight out of a sci-fi movie (Fondation Louis Vuitton)

France Bleu - 2019

Lieux emblématiques de l'Amour à Paris (Le mur des Je t'aime)

The New Arab (Alaraby) - 26/1/2019

IMF clears way for $2 bn loan payment to Egypt (Egyptian flag)

RTE - 24/1/2019

Dáil passes controversial law prohibiting Israeli goods from occupied territories (figues)

Business insider - 23/1/2019

Israel's luxury real estate market is booming, and it's driven in part by Jews buying 'insurance homes' to flee political strife in Europe and South America (Meier on Rothschild tower)

Thrillist - 15/1/2019

The 19 Best Places for a Big Trip in 2019 (Shuk hacarmel, Tel Aviv)

The New Arab (Alaraby) - 15/1/2019

Egypt orders release of mother held over 'false news' in BBC report (Egyptian flag)

Condé Nast | Traveler - 14/1/2019

Los templos contemporáneos que hay que visitar una vez en la vida (Cymbalista synagogue)

The New Arab (Alaraby) - 11/1/2019

Egypt deports German national over suspected IS links (Egyptian flag)

Marie Claire - 9/1/2019

Comment l'Institut Français de la Mode veut créer l’école de mode du futur (Docks de la Cité de la mode) - 2019


The Times of Israel - 2019

PEACE BUILDERS blog (keffiyeh and kippas)

American friends of the Israel philharmonic orchestra - 2019

Cymbalista synagogue - 2019

大家都知道包豪斯源自德国 (Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv - 2 photographs)

Frederickesn - 2019

25 beste ting å gjøre i Ungarn (Hungarian Parliament Building) - 2019

Luxury property market in Israel is booming (Meier on Rothschild tower)

The Hedonist - 2018-2019

How to Tel Aviv like a local

Condé Nast | Traveler  - 26/12/2018

Why Antwerp is becoming Europe’s centre of cool

The Jewish week - food & wine - 24/12/2018

The Jewish Food Trends You’ll Be Seeing In 2019 (Challah bread) - 16/12/2018

(Cityscape of Jerusalem)

Time Out Tel Aviv - 2/12/2018

פורחים באוויר: איך נראה עתיד שבו רוב תושבי תל אביב גרים במגדלים? (towers in construction) - 20/11/2018

تعرفوا على مواصفات اليخت الشراعي الأجمل في العالم (Sailing Yacht A in Tel Aviv)

Bloomberg Tax - 9/11/2018

Belgium’s Stock Tax May Be Incompatible With EU Law (Belgian flag)

Exame - 5/11/2018

Operação no Egito mata 19 militantes após ataque contra cristãos (Egyptian flag)

Huffpost - 20/10/2018

Seis prisiones que merece la pena visitar (La Conciergerie, Paris)

The Guardian - 19/10/2018

Indonesia warns it will 'adjust' policies if Australia moves Israel embassy (cityscape of Jerusalem) - 18/10/2018

بلدية القدس تطلق ثورة غير مسبقة في إطار الخدمات (Safra Square, Jerusalem)

The Guardian - 16/10/2018

Australian embassy in Israel may be moved to Jerusalem (cityscape of Jerusalem)

Poland in English - 16/10/2018

Two Polish women win in Brussels local elections (Belgian flag)

The Atlanctic - 10/10/2018

The Final Appearance of the Giant Puppets of Royal de Luxe (The Giant Grandmother in Antwerp, Belgium, on June 19, 2015) - 4/10/2018


ThoughtCo - 21/9/2018

Jean Nouvel Buildings: Shadow & Light - Architecture by Ateliers Jean Nouvel (b. 1945) (Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris & Philharmonie de Paris)

Israel heute - 20/9/2018

Video des Tages (timelapse of Yom Kippur) - 20/9/2018

Jom Kippur in Tel Aviv (timelapse of Yom Kippur)

CNN - 20/9/2018

Israel's high-speed train ... 10 years late and still not ready ((Tel Aviv hashalom train station) - 20/9/2018

All aboard for Israel's high-speed train … 10 years late and still not ready (Tel Aviv hashalom train station)

Nova 96.6 - 20/9/2018

12-year-old admits to putting needles into strawberries (Strawberries)

France bleu - 18/9/2018

Les 3 monuments les plus visités lors des Journées du Patrimoine (La Sainte-Chapelle, Paris)

RFI - 30/9/2018

Tel-Aviv préférée à Jérusalem pour accueillir l'Eurovision 2019 (Graffiti of Netta Barzilai in Tel Aviv)

Financial times -10/9/2018

Global Masters in Management ranking 2018: analysis and methodology (university of Antwerp)


The stand - 8/2018

The Insider Guide to Tel Aviv (cityscape of Tel Aviv)

France bleu - 8/2018

Stop au bazar, stop au gaspi avec Catherine Laulhère, auteur, brocanteuse (typewriter) - 22/8/2018

Модные точки Антверпена (Modepaleis, Nationalestraat, Antwerp, Belgium)

Condé Nast | Traveler - 21/8/2018

The Best Antique Stores and Flea Markets, According to the Pros (Shuk Levinsky in Tel Aviv)

The Culture trip - 20/8/2018

The Best Breakfast Spots in Lev Ha’ir, Tel Aviv (Allenby street, Tel Aviv)

CNN - 30/7/2018

TeNiya Jones: Israeli searchers find body after American teen disappears in Mediterranean Sea (cityscape of Tel Aviv)

France Culture - 27/7/2018

Le Louvre à Lens

Quizscape - 2018

QUIZ: Are You An In-N-Out Aficionado? (Onions)

Re Developer - 2018

Kanaal от Акселя Вервордта, Бельгия (Kanaal project by Axel Vervoordt)

Artworks - 2018

10 of the best sculpture parks in Europe (Middelheim museum)

Eco Portal - 2018

Предложена альтернатива пластику (Seafood)

Lonely Planet - 18/7/2018

Long exposure: Antwerp photography museum opens doors to nudists (fotomuseum Antwerp)

San Francisco Chronicle - 2/7/2018

San Francisco's 19 sister cities get new sign in Hallidie Plaza. Do you know them all? (cityscape of Haifa)

African safari booking - 2018

Amber mountain national park (Lemur)

Ankarafantsika national park(Lemur)

Wuzup Naija - 28/6/2018

IT HAS NO CURE! Ghana bans tilapia, ornamental fish import over Tilapia Lake Virus scare (Tilapia fish)

El Pais/Lonely Planet - 21/6/2018

Amberes, más barroca que nunca (Red Star Line museum)

Viajar - 11/6/2018

Cosas que no sabías que podías hacer en París (Le Mur des Je t'aime, Paris)

Fish & tips - 2018

ブダペスト・ドナウ川さんぽ  国会議事堂周辺ヴァーツィ通り(Hungarian Parliament Building)

Lonely Planet UK - 2018

Dressed to the nines: sparklingly fashionable experiences in Antwerp (Het Modepaleis)

Marriot traveler - 2018

Where to Find Blue Flag Beaches and Blue-Ribbon Views in Tel Aviv  (Israeli folk dancing lessons on the promenade)

Huffpost Maghreb - 9/6/2018

Paris: Le premier festival des cinémas arabes se tiendra fin juin à l'IMA (L’Institut du monde arabe)

Culture cheat sheet - 9/6/2018

This Is Why President Donald Trump Moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem and What It Means Going Forward (US embassy in Tel Aviv)

Destiny Man - 7/6/2018

Kenyan plane carrying 10 passengers goes off the radar

Architectural Digest - 6/6/2018


The Dailywire - 6/6/2018

DAHL: It’s Time For Israel’s Campus Advocates To Seize The Offense In The Psychological War Against Israel

Pierce Fox Wealth Managment - 4/6/2018


The Weekly Standard - 2018

At Last, Zion (Cityscape of Jerusalem)

Vox / MSN - 20/5/2018

Trump and Obama both ignored Gaza — at great cost (US embassy in Tel Aviv)

The New Yorker - 14/5/2018

Defender of the Faith (kippas)

Espresso - 14/5/2018

Como o serviço militar ajuda ao “milagre tecnológico” (Weizmann institute of science)

Do it in Paris - 7/5/2018


Marie Claire - 6/5/2018

20 x wat te doen tijdens een citytrip in Antwerpen (Museum Aan de Stroom) - 4/5/2018

Giro Stage 2: History On Wheels (Downtown Tel Aviv)

Itinari - 5/2018

In tune with the world, a new exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris (Facade of the Louis Vuitton Foundation) - 11/5/2018

Tel Aviv, città aperta

I quartieri più progressisti della capitale più giovane al mondo: per un giro al Carmel Market, un caffè a Neve Tzedek, o un bagno di sole sulla spiaggia (Brown hotel on the beach)

ABC news - 11/5/2018

Opening of US Embassy in Jerusalem: What to know (US embassy in Tel Aviv)

France Inter - 8/5/2018

70 ans d'Israël : où en est l'état hébreu ? - 2018 (2 photos)

Uno de los centros de investigación más prestigiosos del mundo apuesta por América Latina - 30/4/2018

Israël omarmt deze week de Giro, nu nog de fiets - 4/2018

Antwerp Academy Student Suicide Calls Teaching Methods into Question

NYmag / The Cut / Yahoo lifestyle - 26/4/2018

Suicide at Elite Fashion School Raises Questions Over Rigorous Curriculum

Insajderi - 20/4/2018


Kurir - 20/4/2018

PRVI U EVROPSKOJ UNIJI: Rumunija premešta ambasadu u Jerusalim

Financial Times - 16/4/2018

The west’s kabuki air strikes (Airshow on Yom haatzmaout - independence day)

Financial News - 11/4/2018

Brevan Howard closes its office in Israel

Financial Times - 10/4/2018

Donald Trump to decide on Syria response ‘very quickly’

The Dailywire - 9/4/2018

Here's The REAL Reason Israel Bombed Syria

MSN.COM - 23/3/2018

Danmarks bedste loppemarkeder (2 photos)

Condé Nast | Traveler - 19/3/2018

¿Cuáles son las ciudades más caras del mundo para vivir? (Tel Aviv cityscape)

Getty images - 3/2018

A Magic Flower Carpet Ride Around the World


BBC - 14/3/2018

Antwerp: Design Hub (photo of the Fotomuseum)

El Pais - 8/3/2018

Dos islas en el corazón de París

ABCnews - 23/2/2018

US to move embassy to Jerusalem in May

Posterwd - 23/2/2018

US to move embassy to Jerusalem in May: Sources

The Dailywire - 23/1/2018

PEW POLL: Huge GOP Majority Favors Israel Over Palestinians, Democrats Support Has Plunged

Kurir - 24/2/2018

TURSKA O PRESELJENJU AMBASADE SAD U JERUSALIM: Zabrinuti smo, ta odluka uništava nade za mir!

Times of Israel - 22/2/2018

Moderation in times of extremism: Mohammed Dajani Daoudi (Kippahs and keffiyehs for sale in the Old City of Jerusalem)

The interpreter - 12/2/2018

Israel strikes Syria, loses a fighter, and maybe something more

Delaram art design - 18/1/2018

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Have Axel Vervoordt Design Their New Baby’s Nursery—Along with the Rest of Their Hidden Hills Home

Dagens Debatt - 18/1/2018

Mann for sin hatt



Kanye West & Kim Kardashian worked with famed designer to perfect crib's look

Architectural digest - 16/1/2018

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Will Have Axel Vervoordt Design Their New Baby's Nursery—Along With The Rest Of Their Hidden Hills Home


The Dailywire - 9/1/2018

REPELLENT: Jewish Students Fined In Austria For Holding Israeli Flags At Palestinian Demonstration

MSN.COM / AP - 3/1/2018

Israel gives African migrants 3 months to leave or face jail  

Itinari - 1/2018

3 Beautiful Parks near Antwerp

Infobae - 1/2018

Uno de los centros de investigación más prestigiosos del mundo apuesta por América Latina

Multiplus Historias - 2018

Descubra Tel Aviv, em Israel - 2018

Best things to do in hungary


Dan Hotels - 2018

Link hotel & hub Overview

Yahoo style - 27/12/2017

Why Antwerp is the perfect winter city break (Museum Aan de Stroom)


MSN.FR - 7/12/2017

Le Hamas invite au soulèvement contre Israël   - 5/12/2017

Trump informó a líder palestino intención de mover embajada de EE. UU. a Jerusalén - 5/12/2017

Donald Trump Tells Palestinian President He Plans to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Despite Opposition


Aljazeera - 2017

البيت الأبيض: نقل السفارة الأمريكية للقدس "معلومات سابقة لأوانها"


Architectural digest - 6/12/2017

Why This City Is the Hollywood of Europe (Parliament building Budapest)


Global news - 6/12/2017

Canada keeping Israel embassy in Tel Aviv, despite U.S. move to Jerusalem


Jump radio - 6/12/2017

Canada keeping Israel embassy in Tel Aviv, despite U.S. move to Jerusalem


AOL / Reuters - 5/12/2017

Officials: Trump tells Mideast leaders of intention to move embassy to Jerusalem 


Yahoo! - 5/12/2017

Five things to watch in Trump's Jerusalem speech / Reuters - 5/12/2017

Trump delays announcement on wether moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem          


Press from / Reuters - 5/12/2017

Trump delays announcement on wether moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem      - 5/12/2017

Donald Trump Tells Palestinian President He Plans to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Despite Opposition - 5/12/2017

The 1995 Law Behind President Trump's Plan to Move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem     

The Points Guy - 14/12/2017

77 big things that happened in travel in 2017       / Reuters - 30/11/2017

Trump considers when and how to move U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - Pence        


Press from / Reuters - 30/11/2017

Trump considers when and how to move U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem - Pence    - 28/11/2017

Trump razmatra kad i kako premjestiti veleposlanstvo u Jeruzalem

The Dailywire - 15/11/2017

UNSURPRISING: Israel Offers Aid To Victims Of Iran-Iraq Earthquake. Iran Rejects The Offer.        

Marie Claire Maison - 9/11/2017           

Jean Nouvel, itinéraire d'un architecte star - 8/11/2017

7 œuvres de Jean Nouvel à connaître absolument avant l'ouverture du Louvre Abu Dhabi


The Points Guy - 4/11/2017

12 of the Most Instagrammable Places in Tel Aviv    


Lonely Planet - 24/11/2017

Anversa contemporanea e barocca. Gli appuntamenti da non perdere (Park Middelheim)

Forbeslife - 17/10/2017

Арно vs. Пино: как противостояние миллиардеров меняет арт-рынок - 29/8/2017

Zašto su luksuzni brendovi ludi za kulturom: 'U ovom području ne prodajete metal, već snove' (Fondation Louis Vuitton - 3 photographs)


The modern house - 16/8/2017

Under the Influence: Le Corbusier's Maison Guiette & Takeshi Hosaka Architects' House in Byobugaura – 8/6/2017

An Introduction to Baroque Architecture - 19/05/2017 – 3 photographs

The top 10 things to do in Antwerp   


The - 4/05/2017

From Boston to Cape Town: 8 of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods         


Monocle - 14/03/2017 – 2 photographs

Section D - Are Antwerp's best days still ahead of it? – 8/3/2017               

Buildings and Projects by Jean Nouvel - 23/01/2017

Buildings and Projects by Jean Nouvel           


AOL.CO.UK - 2017

World's most expensive cities 2017 (Mercer)


Silverkris explorers - 23/11/2016

8 things you need to know about buying diamonds in Antwerp - 18/11/2016

How to meet locals in Jaffa Tel Aviv

Food and wine - 8/11/2016

Could Israel Be the World’s Next Craft Beer Hub?     


Mr Porter - 1/11/2016


Second tier European cities with a world class attraction     


The Guardian - 5/09/2016

10 of the best sculpture parks in Europe   - 21/7/2016

Legendinis architektas Le Corbusier: 17 darbų, įtrauktų į UNESCO Pasaulio paveldo sąrašą

The Guardian - 10/06/2016

Euro 2016: travel guide to France’s host cities          


Vogue - 12/03/2016

Inside Jaffa: Tel Aviv’s Hottest Area   

Spotting history - 2016

Maison Guiette

Cerga news - 6/2015

Ecodesign en de vervanging van CV-ketels


Dailymail (Mail online) - 26/5/2015

Luxury Manhattan hotel apologizes for kicking Navy officer out of lounge because her uniform ‘broke dress code’ during Fleet Week

Al Jazeera - 3/05/2015

Legalizing gay marriage won’t change my world       


Wired - 29/04/2015

Israele vuole 21 startup per il suo bootcamp a Tel Aviv        


Viajar - 2015

Tel Aviv la Ciudad Blanca de Bauhaus

Helsimgen Sanomat - 3/06/2014

Hillitty on museoarkkitehtuurin uusi wau      


Travel and leisure – 7/1/2014

T+L Design Awards - 9/05/2012

20 Stunning Images That Show How Magical The Apple Store Can Really Be (Apple store New York)



Berlintapete professional 

Old Rooms (abandoned spaces - 2 photos)

Steel institute of New York

40 Bond street


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